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Casper Lucia

Oil Can

The fingers in my mouth aren't really fingers

they are extensions of longing that look silly

I've never loved somebody like this before

Thank god

When I was looking up
I saw the vipers trembling
creating flaming axis of detachment

Desire That
How is it that almonds are so bland

and marzipan is like, the best

Suck the food out of my belly
teach them a lesson about domination
it's only fun when we are on the same page

no teams just leagues
Just language
the carrion of how ppl really feel

What's the point if you don't have like 1000 crushes 

I fucking love the valley
and its neon aisles

Cow print love letter

Good morning to the wind!

to the moth creating its

cave out of dust

and please say hello
to the spider who’s web I leave untouched

in a show of solidarity and respect.

I can be whatever I want
for you or with you. deem me impenetrable,

for example. I wish I liked

getting fucked but it just sorta
hurts. but I keep trying, imagining

fists inside me turning, like sometimes

I just want to feel full. or I want
the most elemental part of a sensation

without the vehicle of its revelation.

Sometimes saying exactly what you mean

is clever-er. I’ll try that out
in my underwear, symphony

of dogs barking outside my window,

sweating in my bed sending a flirty photo

of half eaten stone fruit.

I think I just walked thru a spiderweb

a spotlight on all the roses
a moon taunting me naughtily

This is an ancient cry captured on resin

jurassic park style or like a cheesy headline

on a website with a lot of ads

a dead fly rotting by my doorstep

a refusal and attempt
to know the world holding me

a posture of “against” which I

delightfully embrace on this hillside

in mid August a puppet in my hand

& jack o lantern

resting softly on my


Language can sound so
round to me! & so does this music

that I sweat thru                                 /with

Hello I
am tempted
to make a noise only you will recognize

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