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Fin Umbra

  Fin is a multi-media artist who hails from the Pacific Northwest(PNW). His work ranges from graffiti art, alternative photography, textile art and sculpture. Much of his work, including his literary art and poetic work, is comprised entirely out of found objects and garbage. Since the pandemic began, he has been installing rogue pop-up galleries in various public and/or abandoned places around the PNW as a way to collaborate with other local artists and to give people the opportunity to view local work in surprising and unexpected places.

           Bewildering Invocations: Prayers from Pandemia..

Remember when we saw that falling star
as shadows overhead began to bloom?
What riddle’s ripples whisper from afar,

are creeping closer from that distant boom?

Had I but left that cornerstone unturned;

Forbidden was to pluck the Piper’s plume!
The mandates of the dead not yet unlearned,

So still, a Silence sounds within (t)his womb;


Remember when we closed our eyes and lept?

What magnitude might suture an abyss?
I heard the curtain call but overslept;

still keeping one eye open with each kiss.

So we swan dived through dumpsters on prom night, reading fortunes in detritus despite.

Lord, increase my Bewilderment.

Show me how to lose in pathless places

Deliver thy hand to lead me astray
Teach me how to tread and leave no traces

Let me be unidentied today.

Release me from the burden of reprise
It is for vertigo, my lord, I pant
Teach me to dot my tees and cross my eyes

And me, from my xed habitat supplant.


Carry me where cobwebs are unbroken
Ah me how sleight are these poor legs of mine

I, with prayers eagerly unspoken,
Submit to endlessly fall out of line

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