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Lucienne Aeon

Super-Man Dream

Dreamt i was Superman. @1st i was actually Christopher Reeves, then my actual "self" [after a different dream chapter].

However the dream is not the point of this writing. Yesterday on my walk, the Reeves Superman theme by John Williams came on shuffle. I welcomed it into my mood-space, despite being so different in freq. from it—and i listened to the whole thing.

(Now that I'm writing about it, i did notice a marked mood change then.) Aside from it being a real banger, i think the potency of the piece + the nostalgia/memory element + the disparity of the vibe(s), *, all caused such a drastic emotional-mental shift that the music wrote a script—essentially programmed me—for me to have a dream about (being) Superman &/OR a Superman-like dream.

NOTE: this song also came on shuffle the day b4 during my studies, so *+ randomness element(??)

I believe the phenomenon can be repeated. I suspect it will be a little more challenging w/o the RANDOM element, but there are tools for that: burst meditation/reverie, tarot, dice—combined with a considerable repository of (such as exists with the internet) much emotivational engagement.

A Notion

Passing notion:
Have situational coffee, instead of compulsory "morning coffee"

Krishna often talked about action, Siddhartha often about the renunciation of desires.

I feel there is great merit in the mitigation of desires, rather than their renunciation.

There is a serious cause-and-effect relationship between what we are compelled to do and autohomeosasis.

There has been this "war on drugs" and this general strange and erroneous notion that drugs are "bad". Drugs are no more bad than a maple leaf or a box of paints. Nor are users of drugs "bad" or "good". Rather, the nature & qualiti(es) of the body have been treated irresponsibly, and also treated a the property of the Holy Whyt Sovereign - the amerikkkan Christian God.

In the case of coffee - the lifeblood of the industrial revolution, an industry itself, the rite of the height of intellectualism in the modern day, a magic, a potion - it has been met with its share of abuse on par with alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco.

Like any magical rite one must pay the Power its due, especially in the case of abuse [of a gift]. Fire Lord Ozai lost his bending, tobacco abuse (+ maltreatment of the plant spirit itself) can cause cancer, lowered lung capacity, etc. Alcohol [abuse] tends to addle the mind and senses, and often has the effect of loosing the fetters on peoples' inner beasts & demons of varying magnitude and ferocity.

Trying New Little Things

Trying little new things

         from time to time

         Yesterday's heat is today's aridity


The Eternal Tear
       cannot be uninvited

       to the long soiree

Passenger of complacent nights

        broke a nail today

        on the steering wheel

Im a bastard im a brute

No, actually;
        i have been a bastard



        i have been a brutish beast

              to say the least

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