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Sadie Betz

Sadie Frances Betz is a poet and creative based in Chicago, Illinois. Through their work they aim to create uncomfortable yet enchanting visuals and verses centering around complex developmental trauma, self inflicted desolation, and Catholic imagery.

Question of Carnal Retribution 


i cannot anymore protect you from

and ward off the ugliness and true evil

evaporating out of the cold moist dirt

i have taught you to be distrustful of the love you receive 

as outward intentions hold ulterior motives 

frail thing, my small baby 

i beg of my progeny

to not let the reversed morality  

take hold of it’s sacred body

sweet untouched soul

and undivided innocence

wickedness will smell out your purity

like bear to blood

full possession now ultimately inevitable 

and i fear your underdeveloped, weedy legs

cannot outrun the ungodly force that is the

hoofed being on its way to you 

left half alive now,

may the rest of your existence exist

to tear apart and curse out god

overcome by unfiltered rage

begging and pleading 

through weeps and bloody screams

for answers

of why such a helpless creature

such an eensy princess like yourself 

deserved to be stolen

and spoiled

by the man of hooves and twine hair

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