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Tiffany Hudgins

“You Didn’t Hear That, You Didn’t See That”

A familiar voice calling your name

In your empty room, 

In your empty home, 

Tells you stories of what 

Was before. 

Memories come swarming in. 

You hold on so tight, 

Locked inside strong arms 

That feel like your favorite 

Quilted blanket. 

Eyes closed, smile wide, 

You listen to these stories 

Of what 

Was before. 

A life inside crowded hallways 

Always full, but never 


These stories are so 


The familiar voice begins to sing 

And you dance. 

You are so free, and 

You are so 


Everything is real. 

Open your eyes to see it. 


It is quiet 

In your empty room, 

In your empty home. 

You didn’t hear that. 

You didn’t see that. 

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